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Remember The Time


I Remember The Time
The Time That We Had
I Remember The Things That Used To Make U Mad
& I Wish I Could Turn Back The Time
Can I Wish I Wouldn't Cry Every Night

Clock Always Tickin' That's No Question
I Did U Wrong I Must Confess Not My Intention
When I Mention Your Name The Pain I Feel Ashamed
If I Could I Would It's Only Me That I Can Blame
My Time Was On I Had To Move No Substitution
I Took The Risk Although No Conclusion
Lack Of Peace Of Mind To Go The Same Direction
Time Is Never Personal U Win Or Loose Relationships
That's The Way How It Goes
Deeply Hurt From Your Heads To Your Toes
Slow Mo' Cu Draggin'
Down The Hole
U Should B Where U Belong In The Front Row
I Cried Everyday Improved My Behavior
U Can't C What Ic Tell Me Y Ru In Anger
4give Your Enemies Let The Lord B Your Savior
In God I Will Trust Coz I Know He Will Remember

Join Me On The Ride What's The Clue Explanation
Talk About The Time U& Me Let's Go Fishin'
Brainstormin' I Bring The Vibes Shut Your Mouth Better Listen
Fightin' Everyday Still Don't Know The Definition
Time Is Money & Time Will Tell
Sunshine In Heaven Or Grill In Hell
Society Makes The Pace Join The Race & Obey
1 4 The Money, To The Space 3 Hooray
I Wanna Thank G.O.D The Inventor Kept At Least An Eye On Me PutMe In The Center
I Remember 1996 In December
Booya Is The Name & Nana Is A Member
I Cried Everyday Re-Arranged My Behavior
U Can't C What Ic Tell Me Yru In Anger
4give Your Enemies Let The Lord B Your Savior
Finally He'll Put U Thru Coz He Will Remember

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