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The Peace I Ask To God


Going happy and smiling
Even with my world falling

Walking beyond long road of life
Sadness hiding behind my smile

With head held high
And keeping my faith

I am strong! Nothing brings me down
Or if i collapses, I get up

With a smile on her face

Happiness there, she's waiting for you
Just go search it

No surrender to the illusions of life
They are only obstacles

Nobody ever said it would be easy

care of those who love us
Are those that run on your side

I learned to forgive
And ask for forgiveness
I follow the long road of life
Happy and smiling
In pursuit of happiness

Nobody told me it would be easy

I Don't surrender to illusions
Because I keep my faith

I know my time will come
Nothing's gonna stop me now

Running down the long road of life
I go after my dreams
I know one day I'll have
The peace i ask to God

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