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Marching Off To Bedlam

Napoleon Xiv

One, two, three!
Here we go!
Bedlam, bedlam!
Ho, ho, ho!

*sung in background all the way through*: Ring ding ding, rum bumbum, riki tiki daba daba dum bum bum

Knock, knock, knock!
Come right in!
You´re the people from the looney bin!

How´d you guys get here so soon?
Did you spot my toy balloon?

Please don´t make the straps too snug.
I´ve always been a fragile bug.

Must we march?
Can´t we ride?
I´ve got my horse parked right outside.

Glad to see that we´re on time
But must you always speak in rhyme?

Lock the door and hide the key,
´Cause if I get loose, you won´t catch me

*panting from ring ding dinger*

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