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Carnal Lust And Wolfen Hunger


Everlasting dusk arrives in silence,
Carrying pure enchanted sorrow on it's darkly blackened wings...
The fierceful wind is the only one to hear my woes,
Sighs of a wanderer with soul engraved in mournful sorrow...

I behold the ghastly silhouette, beautiful as fire
She awaits and welcomes me
To join her in theendless journey through the sinful mire,
To soar infernally when becoming one...

Beyond the sacred gates of sulphur kingdom
I crowned her to be my lunar queen of blood...
We moan in crescendo of carnality and ricers weep below us,
In scorching flames and nightly shroud our bodies clad...

...May I Kiss thy bleeding wound, my lusful princess?
...May I grant thee my bliss and devour thy utopian dreams?
...May I drink thy blood as the most precious wine?
...May I whip thy naked skin and hear thy tortured screams?

My hunger arouses..
...and I shall rape thee once again...