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I Wanna Love You

Nasty Boy Klique

If I tell you that I love you
and I put my trust in you
if I say that every minute
all I do is think of you
will you do the same for me(yea)
are you really down for me (you know I'm down girl)
let me know just how you feel
and would you give it all for me

check this out
how would you feel if I told you
all I ever do is reminisce
of the times that I spent with you
rollin through the park
on a Sunday afternoon
dedicatin slow songs
to say that I love you
it's for my honey with the pretty brown eyes
never giving up on me
never telling lies
making promises
together we ride
I put this one on everything
I'm glad she's mine
and I love it when we're all alone
never miss a beat
when the slow jam's on
baby girl please understand
I wanna be the only one
to ever hold your hand yea
and show me that you're down for mine
keep my reservation till the end of time
you're like a treasure
I was blessed to find
my precious one
and I'ma love you for life

I wanna love you
like you've never been loved
I wanna rock you
like you've never been rocked
but I got another dude
baby tell me how you feel
if I change my world for you
are you feeling me too

Hey girl
I'll never leave you
a perfect man is what you need
there's no such thing
so I'll do anything to please you
I know you want me girl
and I want you too
feels just like a dream
just to be here with you
I would drop any second
just to think you'll be gone
livin a lonely life
I just couldn't go on
we fell lost in love
from the first time we met
you were so down for mine
you showed me much respect
I know it's hard to have a nasty boy like me
you know you had a choice
and who you liked was me
sometimes I wish this world
was just me and you
my love is unconditional
best belive is true
thank the Lord everyday
for connecting us two
so tell me baby girl
what you wanna do
I'm that one second to none
show much love to you
they wanna know how I'm rollin
I'm rollin with you yea


You know I'm feeling you girl
I just can't lie
things wouldn't be the same
without you by my side
I loose my mind
everytime you come around
and I'm gonna do whatever
just to prove that I'm down
you broke my game
and set new rules
and all I wanna do
is just rock with you
come on
don't be afraid
cuz I'ma take my time
and before the night is over
we gon be just fine

Chorus 2x

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