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Thick As Thieves

Natalie Merchant

Remember how it all began
The apple and the fall of man
The price we pay
So the people say
Down the path of shame it led us
Dared to bite the hand
That fed us fairy tale and moral end
Wheel of Fortune
Never turns again
Never turns again

The worst of it has come and gone
And the chaos of millenium
And the falling out of the doomsday crowd
Their last retreat is moving slow
They burn their bridges as they go
The heretic is beautified
Teach the harlot's child to smile

Rocked again by indecision
Should we make that small incision
Testify to the bleeding heart inside
We cut, we scratched, we rend, we slashed
And when he opened up at last
Found a cul de sac
Deep and black
Smoke and ash
Deep and black
Smoke and ash

The wicked king of Parodies
Kissing all his enemies
On the seventh day
Of the seventh week
Tyrant's voice is softened now
But just for one forgiving hour
Before the rise of his
Iron fist again
Fist again

I've come tonight
I've come to know
The way we are
The way we'll go
And to measure this
Width of the wide abyss

I come to you in restless sleep
Where all your dreams turn bittersweet
With voodoo doll philosophies
Day glow holy trinities

The crooked raft that leaves the shore
Ferries drunken souls aboard
Pilgrims march to Compestelo
Visions of their saint in yellow

Follow deep in trance
Lost in a catatonic dance
Know no future
Damn the past
Blind, warm, ecstatic
Safe at last

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