Among the Final star of the ancient serpent
the keys of the abyss the thousand year seal
for since then they've been forsaken
that which bound him in the infernal pit.

Alas, that which should never be forgotten
I have the keys of death and Hades.
Seize the dragon, the awakening of eternal night
the ballad of the fallen angels.Darkness never ceases.

Among the black lakes of ancient Sodom
where death reborn became realized.
The forth coming of the supposed end
the deities of long forgotten rise.

Yet dispelled and rendered inno nusquam
the fallen fade like light into the abyss
those who wander the moonlit waters
the ones who were the gray in eternal war
Begotten into eternity or damnation
they remain seeking through the ethereal abyss
the new holders of the keys of death.

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