Is there glorious will be or die
The calling of sacrificial purity
Intent of leaving the world in emptiness
Onward to eternity in life beyond

Revolutionize a historical holy way
Encounter the Eastern and Western majestiness
The strong will be enthronement
The weak will be enslavement

The oriental troops reached the Westland
Proudly bringing the light of the truth
Against the mutineosly slaves
Breaking the chains of their sacriligious

Armed with magnificent dignity and pride
To secure the land from the unsacredness
The bloody ground, the whirlwind witnessing
The bloodbath celebrating the days of doom

Fight or die, roaring in their fearless mind
Legions of martyr, riding the war's wind to eternity

The crusade dooming the battleground
A survival for the holiest insanity
Rebellion between a testimonial inheritance
Fulfilling a hatred vengeance

The sun is rising farly in the East
Shining the bravehearts with gloriness
The fallen one are blessed in harmony
To the widely open the gates of immortality

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