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Yo hey nelly whatz up dog its cedric the intertainer get at meman
i been hallerin a ya but i been trin to call you 4 bout 3 days icalled your
cell phone pager voice mail over you mamma house your uncledaryland
kewan like 3 time ya all get at me man i just want to haller at
you player you no im out here just doin up hangin out here you nochillin
trin to do a little tv you know how i do it rollin around here ina big body
benz and 3 dallor worth of gas huh who said there wasnt nofurture
in your front put it down like dat wit your country crammer righti herd about
it usin those words like st louis her there putin them twocapital
r i feel you on that right ifeel you so just get at me so i cando a little suthin for you
just call me back what ever you cantme call over my mammas
house they know how to page me theyll page me to your number
then illcall you back or you can pag my couisn keith and he'llcan my cousin lil
daryl who got my real pager number and then i call you back
on his cell phone what ever you do player do st louis style putit down for the STL

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