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For My


(Phone rings, talks through a telephone)
Yo, uh, you didn't see this one comin did ya
All the way from the N.O. to S.T.L....Nelly-Nel and Lil' Wayne

[Nelly]...On a scale one to ten I been rated a 12 (right!)
You know it and these cats hate it...I got nothing out dated
If it is it's up graded...S-class wit everythingvoice-activated
Chrome rim three, bladed, factory custom made it
Paid wit big faces; if it's broke then replace it
Now it's like that; Purple Haze and Cogniac
On tha beach in L.A. with dime bitches right gimme that

[Lil' Wayne]
I represent them street niggas
When it get hot carry that heat niggas
Them sweep niggas off they feet niggas
You livin on the edge leap nigga
That's why my clique we do or die and roll deep nigga
Ain't nothing sweet nigga, recognize the bloody clothes
Ready to represent the Grove wit two calicoes
I carry 4's in my side pocket
While your's cockin, nigga mine's poppin
Walk through you house wit my iron knockin

Chorus: Nelly (repeat 2X)I'm doin this one is fo my niggaaaaaz
Who be keepin it tight
Only lovin dime bitches that fuck on the first night
....This is for my bitchessss
Wit the style and grace
Who ain't hearin nothing talkin but the bitch in they face

[Nelly]..I ain't bullshittin I trick em and run up in theykitten
And she ain't a 9 or better my nigga then I'm splitin
Get a code-red hop in the Jag and fled
Bumpin' Nore+ number six, "bitch give me some head"
And for you niggas out there who be jacking the whips
Got a new group for ya, Nina Ross and the Clips
And from the hip I shoot, if you wanna get loose
But ta tell ya the truth ..I'm more focused upon my loot.

[Lil' Wayne].....I ain't no busta nigga
Came up out that Hollygrove dungeon nigga
flame up and toast somethin' that'll get it sparking up in here
they don't make it out alive very often up in here
I'ma speak on behalf of the c.m.b partna
I'm a sweep off ya ave if its any beef partna
I skeet off a bag of the dilly-D partna
Slip me on a mask hit the Benz wit three choppers
wheezy-wee potna

[Nelly].....Four karats in my ear, five around my knuckle
Six wrap the wrist, check the belt buckle Leave them wit itlook
like Nelly I didn't know
If you was the Jackie Frost then why didn't you say so
Somebody gotta shine my nigga why not me
Even my dentist told me floss 7 days a week
Freeza burnt out the piece Gucci and hat sweet
Butter soft leather seats for transporting freaks

Chorus...[Nelly]....This is for my niggas
{*talking through megaphone*}
Uh, uh, ha bet ya no were ready for that one hu, ha, ha
We know ya didn't see that one comin.....Uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh E.I. Uh, Uh,

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