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Let Me It Now


(Nelly - talking)
Oh, baby girl like to shake a lot more, drop it like over herrbaby girl, uh

(Chorus - Nelly)
Let me in now, there it go
I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom
Let me in now, there it go
I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom
Let me in now, there it go
I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom
Let me in now, there it go
I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows, boom boom

Let me in ma', so I can hit it
Make you wanna leave wit' it, take you home and sleep wit' it
Tell your friends that we did it in the back of the Coupe
With your back on the sunroof holla'in out "whoop-de-whoop"
You be like "girl, he put in work, hit it all night
He rocked my world, came out that skirt, soon as I hit thatdoor
He thorough, while you twerk, so much Mo' and Cris' I urled allon my skirt
We still kicked it," (let me in know)
You ain't heard, that playa bad
St. Louis nigga to the end, with a fo'-fo' mag
And 'til them 'tic niggas kick in, let a fire bag
The party just would not begin, 'til you shake that ass, nowshake that ass
I'm like, uh, "whoa hossie" and that ass ain't playin
I'm a teach it to go varsity in a passin Ram
Marry me and, divorce me and get my cash advance
Your best bet's to deep throat me as fast as you can, I'm like


(Murphy Lee)
Ay yo, I'm Murphy Lee the ashtray, I touch butts all day
Treat me like a toilet, you can sit on me
And let your knees touch your nostrils
Show me that big ol' brown booty hole, let me record it like astudio
You can go and get your crew, girl, like Freddy
Huh, you Raw like Eddie, call me Murphy if you ready
Ready for whatever, Strictly Business like Halle Berry
When I'm with you like Tony Terry, say my name more times thanBloody Mary
Kinda scary gettin more head for stones than cemetaries
?? ??? done ran through more halls than Barry
At school, in the Hall gettin busy like Arsenio
I'm a rat trap like club Casino

Ay yo, it's on fo' sho', low-cut Capris so her thongs couldsho'
She probably got a man, but I've been wrong befo'
All I know is that she make her knees touch her elbows just toget in a show
I'm startin to think, this how it's supposed to go
Get blowed before we go where we supposed to go
Workin since ninety-fo', I'm supposed to blow
Blow on the dice, before I roll a ten-to-fo'
Rollin Mo-Mos, Optimos, they burn slow
Rollin fo'-do's, sippin Mo' with fo' hoes
I'm a two-triple-0, U-City, gigalo
Duece Duece Bigalow, love a man, Joe Blow
And you should pay me, I'm Super like Nintendo
Make your hands touch the flo', your knees don't bend tho'
In the Benzo, tinted windows, if the bounce is right, the ounceis right
Meet me at my house tonight


Now baby girl got a rump on 'er, fo'-do' and a trunk on 'er
Low miles, no dents, title readin "one owner"
Some are wanna-be baller, baby daddies that don't want 'er
He ain't trippin 'til he see another nigga get on her
But she a good girl, actin bad when she need be
I wish you would girl, hit me so often she beep me
On some "Nelly, come meet me, it's the first lady
My president is out the country I need the VP"
I'm in the White House, butt-naked and iced out
Turn the lights out, and I'm turnin your wife out
Same chick you jumped the broom with, throwin the rice out
Same cat shoppin with rats, throwin the mice out
I like 'em clumsy mo', just let everything hit the flo'
Not once, not twice, three times, but fo'
Each time, makin her knees touchin her elbows
I said, each time, lookin at me, yellin she want mo'
I'm like, ohh!


(Nelly - talking)
Baby girl like to shake a lot, huh, baby girl like to shake alot
Huh, baby girl like to, uh, uh, uh, uh
Do your thizzle Moet, huh, huh, and do your thizzle Moet
Huh, huh, shake it like that for, huh, yeah
Three-one-four fo' sho', S-T-L and I connect the do'

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