I've had my nights of Manhattan meringue
Jump into satin and round up the gang
Supped and sipped and quipped at Sardi's
Muddled through the endless slew of thrilling, swilling parties

Evenings of magic, evenings so droll
But sitting here with you
I'm Baby Cole

Monday was dipping mangoes in champagne
The day before was tangos on the banks of the Seine
Jetting with the jet set
Heavy petting with the stars
Dating, mating, punctuating life with caviar

But all of it becomes a bit of babbling fol-de-rol
So squeeze out all the stuffing
Of this dapper ragamuffin
'Cause I'll be Ma's Baby Cole

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Composição: Joe Chemay / John Hobbs / John Levenstein / Michael Kaplan. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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