Little birds born without a mother or a father
I can feel their feathers forming in the running water
Now there is another in the middle of my mouth
A hundred altogether inside of me now
Little birds, little birds, come into my body

Mother, they're within me every moment I'm awaking
Bodies multiplying until they finally overtake me
Put your ears up to my mouth and you can hear them singing
Put you hands within me and you'll know what I am feeling
I just want to swallow up and promise to protect them

Daddy, come towards me, I can see his hands are shaking
Put his hands against me, he could see their bodies breaking
Push me to the floor and put his hands up for a beating
"I don't want to hear it anymore," he kept repeating
Do you really want the burning hell to come and get you?

Did you see the burning hell it took your baby brother?
Did you see how far he fell and how he made us suffer?
Another boy in town at night he took him for his lover
And deep in sin they held each other
So I took a hammer, nearly beat his little brains in
Knowing God in heaven no could never could forgive him
So I took a hammer nearly beat his little brains in

Little boy born without a mother or a father
Taken to the river and then pushed into the water
And the priests are singing that the hell was getting hotter
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the only one to save him
From the thing he loves the most but we know will betray him
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the only one to save him

And here beneath the water I can see
How the light distorts so strange
And this is how I would like to leave my body
And start again

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