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Trip And Glide


Hold on tight as we trip and glide
Come along and enjoy the ride
Tonight we'll touch the sky
Stars won't shine and birds won't sing
I'm gonna give you a real good thing
Tonight we'll trip and glide

Coming down the mountain never felt so good
Could you leave my own unconsciousness alone
Trip and glide
Going up and coming down for you (Trip and Glide)
Doesn't seem as perfect as it's supposed to (Just trip andglide)

Scream at night while you wait inside
Coming along never feel surrounded by
I feel like dancing (rewind)
I feel like flying (sometimes)
I feel like dying


Stars won't shine and the wind won't speak
I don't believe my sense of clarity would lie
Cause when you think there's just no giving up
The more you think the less we dream
It's true when there is nothing to decide
Just trip and glide

Chorus (to end)

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