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Unborn Spark

Never Shout Never

Winter breath through the trees
Lost in thought lost their leaves
Back in town for a while
On my way towards the light
Filled with sorrow filled with joy

Upsidedown in a downright storm
Found a way for some time
Livin now for tomorrow
If I can speak my mind
Without judgement without rhyme
You will hear a steady song
Rockin rollin off my tongue

If I really give my love
Without clamp without crutch
You will know an unborn spark
Without thirst without end
Starting now where I left off
Circle round and round the clock

When the daybreaks night is gone
When the light shines darkness falls
On and on the years roll by
Time and time again we try
Getting up when we fall off
Getting high then coming down

Shedding tears and shedding skin
Where on Earth can I begin
To explain this crazy world
Lost in fear lost in greed
How much do we have to bleed
Before we can live in peace
If we really give our love
If we really give our love

If you really know my heart
You would know that it is soft
Breakable so I play wild
When I'm tested by the game
To see if I can pay the price
Pay it forward walk the line
The middle path narrow street
Lit by starlight lift my feet

One by one day by day
How much longer can I stay
On the ground in the dirt
Wash my hands change my shirt
If I really give my love
Without pride without grudge
Will will feel a steadfast blaze
Without regret without shame

If I really give my love
To you with trust
Can you promise to speak true
Keep my heart keep your cool
When the world throws us a trial
There's no need to deny it
Rise above the surface waves
Above the clouds on rainy days
A simple song for today

Like the Sun I'm on my way
Through the sky
Through the pain
Through the scars of yesterday
Through the heartache
Through the joy

Through the sunshine
Through the storm
Through this life
Through this death
Through this time that I have left
In this dance of day and night
Love is the guiding light

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Composição: Chris Drew. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por Lucas e traduzida por Maykel. Revisão por Lucas. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.


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