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Phone Sex


Phone conversation....

Im sorry baby I cant be there with you,
But I got a freaky Ideal,
Cause girl Im in a freaky mood,
So follow directions closely,
Its gonna be the bomb,
And before I let you go darlin,
Im gonna make you cum

How about a little phone sex
(Baby girl if its alright)
Hows about a little phone sex,
(Since we cant hook up tonight)
Hows about a little phone sex,
(Cause you know it'll fill so nice)
Hows about a little phone sex,
Lay back and enjoy the ride.

Time to get those fingers wet,
Just imagine its me inside,
Cant you feel The Real,
I want you to thrust,
Untill you bust,
Scream as loud as you want,
Im tastin' you while Im away from you,
I cant wait to get home.

Chorus (repeat many times)

Hows about a little phone sex (repeat)

Ohh Im cummin
Oh I can feel it,
Make me cum,

Now baby you like the way it feels when you do it with asingle,
So why dont you entertain yourself with your fingers.

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