Hecatomb, extermination, cut to pieces, blood runs hot.
Depredate, asphyxiation, grind to powder, piles of rot.

Total maiming, abomination,
decompose, fast onslaught.
Genocide, tear to shreds,
vaporize, burn to death.

Degenerate, bloodshed, pulverize, final breath.
Eliminate, all dead, waste away, put to death.
Decompose, hang with hose, strike 'em dead, crushing heads.
Ripping knives, life deprived, mangled meat, mistreat.

Bodies torn with disease,
Vermin human - disinfest.

Depopulate, castrate, cremate,
Raise the death rate.

Atomize and suppurate,
Spread the hate.
Complete their fate,
Finally it's checkmate!

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