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Sacrifice Unto Sebek


Sebek, Sochet, Suchos.
Dread Lord of the Marsh.
He Who Crawleth Amongst the Sacred Waters.
And Devoureth the Flesh of that Which is Sacrificed unto Him.
Tua Ashemu.
Rekhes Au Sebek.
Tua Ashemu.
Tua Ashemu.
Sebek, Neter, Ashemu.
Whose Teeth Rendeth and Teareth With Terrible Violence.
Restore the Eyes of the Dead. Collect Their Skulls.
Join Their Bones Together Again.
Lord of the Temple of the Mount of Sunrise.
Open the Way unto the Underworld.
Cause the Dead to Rise to New Life.
Bring the Child Horus upon the Throne of Osiris.

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