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Burn Down The Malls

Nixon Mojo

Burn down the malls
Burn down the malls

Burn down the shoppin' malls

I said Burn down the malls

said burn down the shoppin' malls

burna burna burna burna down shoppin' maaalls

Hey you ever get the feelin that America is turning into somekinda sit-com?
lowest common denominator

shopping mall marketing strategy from hell?

You ever get that feeling?

Well I got that feeling right now

and it's kinda getting under my skin


so get some gas-o-line


Burn down the malls SAY IT
Burn down the malls LOUDER

Burn down the malls

You know it just started out as a kind of corner store
Then it turned into a shopping center

Oh I remember the shoppin' center openings man

they used to have those big lights shinin' up

but now...

Now, where do the old folks go?

Where do the young kids go?

What's America, what's America turning into?


I say

Burn down the malls
Burn down the malls

Burn down the malls

Nero had the right idea-
fiddle while you burn...

Now another thing is kinda gettin' on my nerves...

another thing that's kinda gettin' on my nerves is this

national 21 drinking age

Huh? what do ya think about that?

A bunch of malarky

whatever malarky is man

it's a whole bunch of it..

you know if Reagan finally gets the war he's lookin for

you think he's gonna be draftin' 21 year olds?

No man they're gonna be draftin' 18 and 19 year olds

but ya cant buy beer

you can get married and screw yourself up real good

but ya can't buy beer

ya can charge 8 million dollars on the mastercharge

but ya can't buy beer

you can vote for one fool or another

but ya can't buy beer

'cause this is America

America that's run by the lowest common denominator

the money

how many units did ya move Mojo?

how many things of apple juice did ya sell?

c'mon suckers- c'mon feel it

Burn down the malls
Burn down the malls

Burn down the malls

Alright all you weirdo's out there
all you moralistic twisted evil little icepickers

you say "we wanna censor rock and roll"

we wanna decide what you read

what you watch

what you listen to

ooo ooo ooo Mr. Falwell

oooh Miss Tipper Gore

wait till i got you on the floor

we gonna tie you up inside of a shopping mall

then we're gonna then we're gonna

we're gonna have a war on drugs

a war on drugs

we outta have a war on war you suckers

we outta have a war on this senseless condominium

new car helllll

Burn down the malls
Burn down the malls

Burn down the malls

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