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Come Back

No Angels

You've been so close to me
closer than I ever thought you would
and you were there for me
when no one else was there to dry my tears

But I,I never took my time for you
'cause I always had so much to do

Oh,come back in my life
back in my heart
back on my side
oh,come back in my life
back in my heart
back on my side
you're the love of my life

I was afraid that
you would break my heart and run away
but end will have it
that broke it anyway,yes
oh,yes you did

And now,I just don't know what I should do
'cause I can't take this pain I'm goin' through

Words are none to what I fell inside
Can't you see I swollowed all my pride

And when I close my eyes I only see your face
no matter what I do you're always in my head
what can I do to win your heart

'cause since you've been gone
Oh,I've been so alone
without you in my life
Oh,I can not go on


You're the love of my life

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Composição: Cal Abate / Daniel Troha. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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