For all I'm hiding, for all inside me
soon I will be
releasing all the tensions
of the imperfections
that live with me

Now the fight
is brought under the light
for all eyes to see
feeding all that I need
all emoutions I bleed
this time is for me

Now I'm finding
the mental binding
soon I will free
the ground beneath is shaking
tight grip fist I'm making
will you come with me?

Now the cries
of hearing endless lies
no more can I bare
block the world around me
nothing else can I see
but truth without fear

How can I not hear
the voices are ever clear
when will the voices cease
listen closely
this is my release

It's all behind me
the pain I can't see
close my eyes I
set myself free

The eyes of old (cannot stop me)
the price of gold (cannot stop me)
a raging fit (cannot stop me)
a fatal hit (cannot stop me)
embracing holds (cannot stop me)
a voice that's bold (cannot stop me)
a life long thrill (cannot stop me)
a man to kill (cannot stop me)

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