From the depths of hell
Spoken, under the sign of evil
Impius Oratorium
In the name of the devil

The beginning of an era
The beginning of a war
Sealed by unholy prayers
Demon warriors summoning for earth's fall

Impius oratorium
Funeralis sub nebula
Ave Imperator

As the moon rises
The feeling grows stronger
The feeling of the night
This thirst for blood

Sealed by unholy prayers
I desire to slaughter
Sealed by the unholy speech
My brothers and I summon earth's fall

The embrace of night
A funeral brease
Arrives with our lord
United we stand
In this war together we'll fight
Rivers of human blood run through the earth
A world cleansed of this rotten kind

A declaration was made
A proclamation took place
An unholy war was the end
Empire of darkness prevails

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