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Total Bummer


Go away, sunny day.
Go away, sunny day.

All the horny people sit,
In front of their TV's and thinkin'
What is wrong with me?
I'm not a monster.
Why won't anybody fuck me?
I don't wanna live life lonely.
Why does everyone have to be perfect?

Go away, sunny day.
Go away, sunny day.

All the bar flies sippin' whiskey,
Fighting ever present pity.
Wondering what they keep suckin' back for.

It's in the drink or trepedation,
Watchin all trains leave the station,
Left standing alone without a ticket.

You light up my life,
You give me hope,
To carry on.
You light up my days
And you, you light up my life.

Stop searching cause there's no answer,
Just a long line of disaster.
There's no simple way to stop the sadness.
Life's not fair I'm glad it's not this.
Isn't heaven just a lonley planet,
On the verge of self destruction?

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