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Fuck Euphemism


I walked into The Eagle and someone called me cis
I said I'm not a cis, I'm a sissy, should I call you Mister or Miss?
I said I'm actually a transvest, but before I got to tite
The place erupted into my first gender, pronoun bar fight

They said I was a Ross cross dress for less wannabe queer
I said my gender isn't fluid, but that's how I like my beer
They thought I was just posing or on a publicity stunt
Until I did a line off Scarlett's hundred thousand dollar cunt

She paid a hundred thousand clams for a single clam in front
A very pricey pussy paid for by the government

Then I said fuck euphemism, cis butt fuck my cis clit
Your hypocritical political correctness ain't legit
I mean it, fuck euphemism, I say what I wanna say
I love that LBGTQ will never include K

'Cause they say that unlike cis queers kinksters make a choice
They're wrong, but yes, we choose which gag to take away our voice
I identify as a grain of saltpeter panarchist
Or a poly rubber puppy switch brat slut Dharmasochist

So I said fuck euphemism, your words are neophyte
I'm a single, not a plural person, so call me per for the night
You're wrong if you hate me just 'cause I'm a word Smith and Wesson
'Cause I nicked this terminology from a Doris Lessing lesson

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