Heroin has stigma like meth and crack cocaine
Drug users aren't all losers, they can't all be insane
But sanity is not a trait of extraordinary man
Sometimes it's drugs not necessity that't the mother of invention

Ben franklin smoked opium when he held that lightning rod
So did queen victoia and the marquis de sade
Siegmund freud did his best work on coca medicine
So did grover cleveland and thomas edison

Would einstein have split the atom?
Would carl sagen have pondered space?
When the smartest people are doin' drugs
It makes the world a much better place

Steve jobs and bill gates took acid and changed technology
The beatles' trips led to lucy, rita, and elanor rigby
And all the absynth that van goh drank made made a much starier night
Without drugs would munch's scream
Have really been such a fight? (that's not so scary)

Would bonds have hit those hundreds of homers?
Would lance have ever won in France?
When a record's breaking, an athlete's takin'
A drug to keep performance enhanced

So you guys are trying to tell me that
If I take drugs I'm gonna be smarter?
We're not saying it's gonna make you smarter
But it might make you more interesting

Aaron sorkin wrote his best while he was smokin' crack
Amphetamines were the favorite means of ayn rand and kerouac
Charlie dickens told the tale on opiates we know
So did burrows, huxley, Oscar Wilde, and Edgar Allen Poe

If everyone was sober, could you call this country free?
Would we maintain our ethics and ingenuity?
Progressive thought doesn't happen a lot in a dry society
When everyone is doin' some it makes the world a better place to be

So smoke a joint, or snort a line, or drop some lsd
Use a bong, a glass pipe, or go strait to an I. V
It's a simple case of better living in modern chemistry
When everybody is doin' drugs it makes the world a better place to be
When everybody is doin' drugs it makes the world a better place to be

So quit na, and screw aa, and fuck sobriety
When everybody is doin' drugs
It makes the world a better place to be

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