Foto do artista Nomenmortis

Stunning Sweetness Of Revenge


My eyes are turning red
Your sky is coming black
Your life shall drop away
On the salt of your tears
When the sun falls down
For you it's forever
When shadows gorge the land
Look to the last
Flashes of sunset
Sunrise you will see no more
Tears cries or threats
Can't change my decision
Goddess of retaliation
Keeps you in her claws
Under the wings
With feather of knives
You'll feel the fire of truth
You'll see the fate
Written in your skin
Your life of filth
Bile of your pigness
This is the sentence
Of your inferior end
You're the sacrifice
On the altar of scorn
Built by your own
Mean filthy cowardice
Just don't cry for mercy
Don't make me laugh of it
I'll forget all your deeds
When you'll be stiff and cold
Ominous cold in my eyes
Fire of punishment in my hands
In the cramps of pain
You're lying in the dust
Now you know who you are
Nothing, that soon will die

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