Trash is crowding in our streets
Cities turned to seas of mud
This country needs some cleaning up
And to clean it up it's gonna take some blood
Crime is rampant everywhere
All the niggers rape and loot
Time to stand and take it back
And to take it back they're gonna take the boot

Skinhead Bootparty!
Smashing all the commie scum
Skinhead Bootparty!
Stomping the reds is so much fun
Skinhead Bootparty!
If you're not White you better run
Skinhead Bootparty!
We won't quit until we're done

Warriors coming to kick some ass
Newborn saviors of our Race
Fight and smash the enemy
Smash them with a kick in the face
Punks and baldies start to squirm
When the blood starts to shed
Everyone gets out of the way
Out of the way of the shaven heads

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