Grooving with you baby
Sexy Thing
Sexy Thing
Ooh oh ooh oh
Sweet sexy thing

Sweet sexy thing
Bring your body to me
Baby I'm in the mood
to make sweet love to you
Waited so long
Now I've got you alone
You sweet little
Sweet little sexy thing

Hey there
Baby baby baby
Sexy little sexy thing you are
Do that to me one more time
Feels so good
Now that we're alone
All I wanna do
Is get it on
Girl I won't ever fight
I want you to be my lover tonight
And every night
'Cause when I make love with you
Girl everything you do is so right
Baby baby baby baby listen to me

I want some lovin' baby
Kissin' n huggin' baby
Lovin' n rubbin' babe on and on and on and on
It feels so good baby
You're drivin' me crazy
I wanna do it baby
All night long you..


Can't be accused
of lovin' you
For your body
And not for your mind
But tonight your body's calling
And you got that little look in your eye
So baby unplug the telephone
Lets just pretend that there is no one home
I'll put some slow jams on
And we can make love all night long lady




Chorus [Repeat until fade..]

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