The Unexpected Kinship


The winter has come and so has the snow
and everywhere is so cold
And the days are short and all the living
things know that now is the time for
a new king to come
and show his almighty power.

It was a dark night and the moon glittered
on the top of the snow on the trees
and the ground
and it seemed that the nature itself waited
for a new lord and just for respect it had

All animals were gathered and they traveled
towards a holy place that has been known
for centuries but no-one knew why it was
this place where they were supposed to go
Atlast the time came for the new king to show
up and take over this old forest

It started to thunder but there was no rain,
and it feeled that the ground was about to fall
and great was the exitement in the group
when the winds started to take the form

The wind grew stronger and the thunder started
to roar and a dark figure rose over the folk of
the forest and raised its hand to show its power
in whole

When the morning came and the first rays of the sun
started to wake the forest not a sound was heard
Nor there could be seen any of the animals
that had inhabited it

They have all been burned in the fire that had
been set by the new king of this all
and the ashes of their bodies show that the
evil side of the nature will always be strong

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