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Everyday Man

Ric Ocasek

Every Day Somebody Finds
Someone Right For Them
And Every Day They Live
They Live That First Day
Over and Over Again

My Somone's Out There Somewhere
I'm Waiting Here All Alone
Sure Hope I Find Her Before
She Finds Herself a Home

Everyday Man
Stays At Home When He Can
He's in Love With His Everyday Wife
All I Demand
Out of Love's Open Hand
Is to Live Just An Everyday Life

Every Day He Goes Work
He'd Rather Stay With Her
And Every Day He Comes Home
He Knows He'll Find Things
Just Like They Were

Later On, They'll Say
Goodnight--they're Right
That's What It Is
I've Got to Find Someone
To My Nights Good
Just Like His

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
Oh, Everyday, Everyday Man

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, Everyday Man
He's in Love, He's in Love With His Wife
Every Day, Oh, Oh, Yeah

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