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At The Well of Wisdom


As thee I walked the mountain
Side to the landscapes of north
Spirits domains watchers of the
Secrets of a now forgotten
Time, when the north men were
The emperors, when they
Swung their swords with
Pride, fearless, mighty and the
Magic on their side. As thee I
Walked the forest at the path,
They walked far, so far ago
As I walk this forest so dense
And listen to the speech of
Birds, their hymns so mighty
Get stronger in the wind,
Birds! They are my map to the
Ancient wisdom, at the well of
Wisdom well of Mimer! His
Head speaks without a body,
His words to no use without
A sacrifice, like the god of war
I sacrificed my eye.
At the well of wisdom, drink
The water, hear his words,
Mighty words from universe
Come forth you! Magic spirits
Of the north.