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Booty Bounce Bopped By The Pack


Wolfpack make ya booty bounce bopper (Bopper)
Bend, breath, stretch, bitch let it go
Wolfpack make ya booty bounce bopper (Bopper)
Bend, breath, stretch, bitch let it go

Where I come from booty bounce
Dollars high, trees spark
Niggas ain't trippin off yo breeze
Get a crew, on they knees
It's ok to be a freak, let it go, let it ride
If you a rip then let it slide
I just wanna see that apple pie
Twerk that ass, roll them eyes
Girl you know I'm on the good
Classy nigga from the hood
Put your goodies in the bag
Big booty im hopping letting all the people watch me
Coca-Cola shake that body
Bitch you know that you a hottie

What's up with it ma, I'm tryna come through
And show you you Bezzies how I do
SSB dirty B I'mma get it
When these niggas go dumb on squares for free
Put that on me, crack that back
Don't care if you white, dont care if you black
I'm dubbed up with purp, chilling on sack
Young L on the beat so you know that it's slap

I rock it with the best Wolfpack
Pause it for a minute and throw that shit back
It's Pack shit so you know all the boppers out
So girls shake your booty 'til your back give out
Take it to the floor, ho dip it low
I ain't Lil Jon, ho get low
Make ya shit clap give me an applause
Ass all in my lap like Santa Claus aye!

Cakey booty, dummy dumb
Big ass titties all in my face
Niggas know that I dont play
Magnum boy in my hand
Pack clique we run this man
Stunna the dude, pop the ho
Get stacked some dumb tacked
Pierce her butt like thumb tacks
Rémy red, in my cup
Sip it 'til im all in
Put these stars up on line
Track stars, work them legs
Party freaks let 'em out
See who could freak the best
I ain't tryna see your chests
I'm tryna see that ripper undress

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