Apartheid system fascist state when you buy south African goods this is the system you
perpetuate this system based on fear this system based on hate this system which together
we can and must annihilate go! yeeeeeeeaaaahhgg!!! a bullet-ridden corpse lies on the
dusty track his only crime was that his skin was black we think apartheid stink those who
dare to speak out and question the laws end their lives creaming behind police station doors
don't buy apartheid don't buy apartheid the apartheid system cannot be reformed - it must
be totally destroyed. for this to happen, however, the south African regime must be isolated
and starved of the external financial support that enables it to continue its vile existence.
consequently, throughout the whole world, thousands are crying out for sanctions to be
imposed against these evil racist slime - but here in Britain the government does nothing -
and is that really so surprising? for how can we expect thatches Tories (who are renowned
for putting profit before people) to take effective action when, every year, they receive
millions of pounds into the party coffers from companies who invest in apartheid -
companies like row tree mackintosh, out span, shell, b.p., i.c.i., cape, Barclays bank, del
Monte, john west, Rio Tinto zinc, Marconi, Tescos - and the list goes on. these are the
people whose money keeps both as government in power, the people who finance a vicious,
oppressive regime that humiliates, degrades, tortures, and murders people simply on the
basis of skin color. while those who rule us refuse to act against this obscenity, we can and
will take action against those businesses which, concerning themselves only with profit
maximization and completely regardless of the human suffering involved, continue to
finance apartheid - lets hit them where it hurts - boycott the scum!! a brick flies through the
window of a branch of Barclays bank maybe someone thought their financing of apartheid

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