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I don't know where i belong
I got no place to call my home
All the people all around me
Just can't see the things that i can see
I'll find a friend
Someone who'll help me understand
That life won't always be this bad
And there's no reason to be sad
Because i'm free

What the fuck?
Just my blood luck
I'm drowning in a sea of fools
Tortured by their stupid rules
I don't mind
I leave all that behind
I quit my job and quit my school
And do just what i wanna do
I'm free

People point and stare
A happy freak they think it sucks
I don't fit inside their box
No 9 to 5
I just live my life
Forever playing with my toys
I'm not like other girls and boys

Because i'm free
I'm free
Exactly where i wanna be
I'm free
So please don't bother me

I wish i could find the words to let you know
That it's okay
You don't belong inside the herd
Forever children we will play

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