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Party On, Wayne!

On My Honor

Just going through the motions
Has it been a week again?
It's hard to get out of bed with all the sunrise and sunsets blending in
I know it's hard but we'll get through
Just like we always do

Everything is closed on Gay St
The girls are stumbling to their cars
They've always got someone in their beds but they usually sleep alone
We'll test our luck tonight
We'll drive around this old broken town
And we'll wish we could do this forever

No sleep tonight
We'll pass the time
Trying to make up for all of this lost life

Just going through the motions
This place is dead, I think we're gonna bounce
Cause we've got a lot to do before we're through
Start a fire on the front lawn
Listening to our favorite songs
Talking about all our big plans

We'll never be right here again
So let's make the best of this one night
Determined and sleep deprived we can
Float right back here and sit
And watch the cars go by