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I am a sinner
And I worship evil
Blood is thinner
But you will never know

Can you confess
That you thrive in chaos
You're a sorceress
And your eye is on the lost

But you're dying
It's in your eyes

You're a charlatan
You get everything you wish
You're a harlot
Carry poison in your kiss

Beg forgiveness
With a dagger in your hand
Sow your death seed
And reap the dying lands

But you're crying
It's only vice

Empty vessel drained of hope
And none the lesser at the end of a rope
Have you ever hated like I?
Know I still awaited the absence of lies

Watch your eager tongue
Attack me from behind

Riddle whispers
Bleak futile control
Like a twin sister
Adapting to a role

You're a murderer
Bloodlust increase
You're a harvester
Come close to spread disease

And you're hiding
I hear you cry

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