Beyond the horizon
Of the equidimensional
Lies a never ending

Upon our arrival
Territory in abeyance
A lifeless oblivion

The Ethereal Abyss
Destitute of matter
Void of all resources
Heading into nihility

Lost in the abysmal
Outskirts of our macrocosm
Death will embrace us

The last step of the human journey
This is where it shall end
If our demise is not brought to us
On our own
Or by catastrophes of the earth

The Ethereal Abyss
Destitute of matter

This is how it shall end
The death of life
The point where the
Universe becomes
Despicably inhospitable
To any lifeform

The immeasurable
Depth of the outer
Corners of space
Presents its infinite vastness
As we travel beyond the final frontier
And into nothingness

And Life will cease to be
Consciousness, never to arise again

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