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Eclipse Of Life (The Eternal Walk IV)


[words: It ; tunes: Night]

Listen to the old owl who's shrieking as the final bellman Nature seems
dead and wicked dreams abuse Thou sure and firm set earth hear not
my steps which way they walk For fear thy very stones prate of my
whereabouts Stars hide your fires let not light see my desires For they
are black and deep as death itself I have murdered sleep and therefore
shall sleep no more Never again shall sun that 'morrow see

The sentinel of the night He's haunting me forever
The eternal walk The endless pain and suffering

Forever hunting me in the night The eternal darkness
Endless misery Witchcraft celebrates Pale Elishias offerings and
wither'd murder Alarmed by his sentinel the wolf Whose howls his
watch My beloved mistress in crime now your hands are red as mine It's
a filthy witness of our crimes Come thick mist and pull thee in the
dankest smoke of hell Let not my knife seen wound it made

My miserable which way shall I fly infinite wrath and despair Which
way I fly is hell myself am hell And in the lowest deep a lower deep Still
threatening to devour me opens wide To which the hell I suffer seems a
heaven How art thou lost how on a sudden lost Defaced deflowered and
now to death devote Is it the nights predominance or the days shame That
darkness does the face of earth entomb When living light should kiss it

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