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Don't know what to do, don't know what to say


i loved you only in my mind
but i know that there will come a time
you feel this feelin i have 4 u inside

youre a hopeless romantic is what they said
fallin in and out of love just like a game
memorizing each lines but still dont know what to say, what to say

dont know what to do whenever you are near
dont know what to ay my heart's floating in tears
when you passed by i could fly
every minute every second of the day
i dreamed of you and the most special way
youre beside me all the time

i loved you and i always will
call me crazy but i know someday you feel
this feelin i had 4 u inside
im a hopeless romantic i know i am
memorizing each lines but here i am
strugglin 4 words and still dont know what 2say

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