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Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am

Orange Blue

There are times when the earth is trembling and we all get lost
When the colours fade away and the darkness rises up and bursts
Desperately we're searching for a place we can call "home"
And we will cross the ocean wide until we get the sense of ourride

Can somebody tell me who I am, will I ever learn to live mydream
Will I be in harmony with the river deep underneath my skin
Can somebody tell me who we are, we strayed from our path muchtoo far
Will we ever see the flowers growing in our yard

There were times when our hearts were nearly full of disbelieve
We threw our yearning wishes in the wind
And insistantly hoped some would be granted
But at the end of our journey we finally made the discoverythat
We all crossed the ocean wide just to realize that the treasureis inside


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