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Plateau Of Invincibility

Order From Chaos

[IV) Deliverance: Undying Promethean Dawn]

Hear unto my voice this prophetic sound
Retreat into sacred solitude
Symbols and signs bear fruit to the wind
Horizons yield seething towers of hate
Insular strength- Invincible
Pay homage to the coming fall

I am the Bringer of Fire to the people
A sacred Entity against mass
Journey the ways that soon be followed
The rebel titan Prometheus
Plunging into distant Fears
Incandescent and alone

Crowning myself with bloodied hands
Standing out amongst the fallen
In defiance I shout a caustic cry
Invoke invisible Power invincible

The Star shattered Dawn
The beholden Spirit of Destiny
I am He...

One is Strength and One is Wisdom
One thwarts the bleak collapsing fall
One attains the gifts of Reason
Empowered with the bitter Truth
Through suffering perseverance to the end
One Strength emerges Frozen in Steel

Dark brooding ways come close at hand
Bearing the Light of a new day
Tribulate occupy the decayed thrones
As sweet as fire
Glorious Dawn upon the Plateau of Might
Now burns

Straining laughter forth from my mouth
A peal of chimes crowning death
I will bear the children of the world
Carry the Wise on the shoulders of fools
Spite and spit guide sight to the rest
Who in the distance wither and die

Bolts of Fear (of pain, of disease)
Father Struggle awaits in ambush
Winds buffet with no known recourse
A challenge in Glory and Force...

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Composição: Chuck Keller / Pete Helmkamp. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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