Awaken my sanity
Slavery falls to the ground
Chains fall to gravity
Truth can now be found

My freedom yet escapes me as if I am still in chains
The memory of servitude it somehow keeps me sane
Shadows – my enemy
Yet beyond them now I see
Fear lingered in me
Kept me from being free
Pierce the veil of solitude and turn away
I must
Sand in the hour glass my time is up at last
Go forth and be all you can be
So you can see the path ahead
Let our voice guide you on

I feel only pain
But I know that everything shall pass
The end of the path that forever ignites
White light is blinding me
Robbing me of my sight
Somehow it sets me free
Calling me to unite
A spell upon me cast
Bringing the final light of a long awaited dusk
Blessed, you are the one
Who opened his eyes to light
Now go in peace
And step out of this maze

I thought that I'm insane
I always knew there has to be more than this
I am on my way out while you're embracing the dark
When a messiah is born it's like a late blooming of a flower
Rising in the netherworld, waters of hope, falling on an orphaned land
No longer the slave
Now I roam onto the unknown
But as sure as my heart beats
I'm not afraid of the light

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