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Osculum Obscenum


Ceremony of goat
Prepare for virgins
To dance for me
Total fuck-- total pain and ecstasy
Perverted cunts celebrating the supreme evil
The blasphemous cunts start to invoke the demon's penis

Unholy goat of darkness

The first cum of blood
Is sucked by the goat
To start the lust
The devil's bitch dance shining under
The macabre moonshine

Nuns bounds naked in the night submisse for us
The whip sing on your wonderful butt
Domain and delight

In the night, a deflocation demon-- I shall be
Lucifer commanding your slaves with whip
Sodomize nuns beyond the gates of hell
And evil treat the Christians with love and cruelty

Cum-- for me
Bleed-- for me
Urine-- for me

I am the unholy goat of darkness