Sun is going down, the moon shines over me
I wander through wastelands and
My fate clearly I see
Will I prevail or will be losing again
Two souls once close, tonight one is fading away

To the black void I go
Will be engraved on your soul
In the chamber where dark times flows

To face him one more time
Kill the last of our kind
With the wraith blade by my side

Oblivion lies up ahead, no turning back at this time
The pawns are all dead for now
For the king I'm marching on
In this fortress my final battle rages on
I fight for my destiny and revenge upon all things

I thought my journey could end here, a great mistake that I made
My master's too strong for me
No power can defeat him
He looks at me and start laughs insanely
Saying "our fate's not complete", in the void he disappear

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