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Return Of The "G"


its the return of the gangsta thanks ta'
them niggas that's on that blow
that runup to yo' crib which contains
your lady and 8m onth old child to raise
plus you true blue bout this music
but they do not want to hear it because they'd
rather be bouncin' and shootin' and killin' and bouncin'
and shit get down

return of the gangsta thanks ta
them niggsa that think you soft
and say y'all be gospel rappin
but they be steady clappin when you talk about
bitches & swithces & hoes & clothes & weed
lets talk about time travelin rhyme javelin
something mind unravelin get down

return of the gangsta thanks ta
them niggas who got them kisd
who got enough to buy an ounce
but not enough to bounce them kids to the zoo
or to the park so they grow up in the dark
never seein light so they end up bein like yo sorry ass
robbin niggas in broad ass daylight get down

return of the gangsta thanks ta
them niggas that get the wrong impression of espression
then the ? is Big Boi whats up w/Andre?
is he in a cult? is he on drugs? is he gay?
when yall gon break up? when yall gon wake up?
nigga im feelin better than ever whats wrong w/you?
you get down!!

{big boi}
man a nigga dont want no trouble
a playa just want to kick back with my gators off
and watch my lil gull blow bubbles
but still ready to rhyme
standin my ground never back down
willin to rob steal & kill any thang that threatens mine
but good luck couldnt be bought see
many a fights had to be fought G
for a nigga to ride these Vogues
oh so close to the sidewalk to be gawked at
watch your side my nigga cuz we got gats
the first nigga to buck gon be the nigga we attack
dont want that but it comes tho
most of the time you dont know
stickin together like flour and water to make hat
slow dough we worked for everything we have
and gon stick up for each other like we brothers
from another mother
kinda like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover
strickly for the Caddy lovers and never the nut huggin
punk mother fuckers

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Composição: André Benjamin / Antwan Patton / Giorgio Moroder / Organized Noize. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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