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The New Conspiracy (Rap Version)


I knew she werent no liar, no she said my hair was great
I got home and it was pink,
and right away i felt my hart just sink
just because i didn't know i had bad b.o,
just because i didnt know i had bad b.o-o-o-o

(Chorous) X3
Uh-Huh Moc-Moc-A-Mocco
Look bitch i didn't know about mr idaho so why the snow, hoe
i say why the snow, hoe (uh hahaha(curt))
yo bitch wot's up why you always slaming your cup huh ?
look slut just fuck up!

(Chorous) X7 (fadeing)
Uh-Huh Moc-Moc-A-Mocco

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