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Spaghetti Junction


Niggas elope wit ski slopes and fall like avalanches
tootin like it's cool yous a fool
and i can't just sit around and watch
those nose membranes flame
my ends is loose and you can't stop that rain
when it starts to fall

Over like Ms. Pacman
hammer and vogues and catman
i'm speaking about them crows
cause you know nothing bout that man
the nigga the B-I-G is high in flight like valujet
you thinking about the beating
this my end is never met nigga

black man, white man, J man aint no joke
remember me and my cousin used to sit up o' the porch
and talk about when we get older
now we up against the ropes, yeah they kickin niggaz door down
cause it aint no dope on the streets
a quarter pound of feet weed that's all a nigga like me need
talking about that southern ses, nigga you all up in that mess
but never shall you test and never shall you quiz
running up on me with that fuck shit
will get you nothing but dead nigga

be careful where you roam
cause you might not make it home
don't you dare ever get lost
or get caught up in that sauce
to all you playas play your brims
and you hustlers chrome your rims
lacks and pimps and macks
i love the corners that you bend

Well i'm dranking on yak while i'm dippin off in that 'lac
them junkins around my way ya'll always smokin on that crack
be layin them college park hoez flat on they backs
living the life of pimps steadily making this paper stack
niggaz don't understand the master plan
crumble your 'erb man til they start kickin the doors in
then be ready to blast them out, like Kast, we bout to crash
so mayday, may Dre knock them up off they ass boy

We struggle like fat hoes just to get things that those
people got.. we forgot, they always goona keep a plot
right up they sleeve you won't believe they decieve like weave
theives can break in your crib and leave in that good life to
so give me, me and then i'm straight as 8:05
see blind folds can't cover three eyes
we wise to the fact so we attack wit what we know
heaven is the only good life so what you strivin fo

Well like flip-flops and football socks
a nigga be rockin the mike like birthdays
lil jon and sercy so are you worthy
i'm callin yo'ass a flaw pimp
yappin' about this crew you run wit
Bankhead bouncin to that dump shit
So what else can you come wit

They can bite but cannot be us
they can come and pick a little slang but cannot see us
you ought to be a shame tryin' to fit in my adidas
so run like dmc is me and no, don't get no heater

well wez dippin around the corner
in that golden stankin lincoln
and got my heat up under my seat
just case these youngstas try to take it
pullin a pistol on a black man
was never the plot but sometimes
my brothers will dis us and try to take my spot

well they come like black stallions in the night
usually around 4 or 5 that's when they figure the time is right
when you good and sleep i couldn't until i seen't
wit my own eyes here they come over the hill surprise

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Composição: André Benjamin / Antwan Patton / Organized Noize. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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