I'll steal your life and cut, out your heart
Rip the core of your, world apart
Then I'll, take your sight
Leave ya blind
Laughing hard as you, loose your mind
Smash in your skull!
Kick out your brains!
Dance all over!
What remains!

Life! The living danger
Death! The welcome stranger
In sin! You deny the cross

Deny the cross!

I'm an angel. I'm virgin white
This only happens, every night
Restitution, for my sin
Imprisoned virtue, time begins
Killer instincts!
Escape my find!
Path of destruction!
Left behind

Life, it walks away...
It walks today...
It fades away...
Death, is here to stay...
Is here today...
To deny the cross!

Draw and quarter, slice the meat
Now there's something, more to eat
Nothing left there is, just a frame
This poor soul, has no name
Back to dirt!
Six feet deep!
I take a breath!
Long and deep!

Deny the cross!

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