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Bare Bones


I hear someone calling me
Where they call from
I can see no light
Walk through fire
To me now
And the fire I can't feel
Bare Bones
Bare Bones
I have walked through hell
Now I'm back
Stripped to the bone
I've been to hell
Now I'm here and I'm taking all I need
Bare Bones
Obstacles are in my way
Just beyond them lies what
I don't know
Walk through blind
Know I'm here
There is nothing I cant see
Open my eyes to
What I need to see
Am I you or am I becoming me
Life from day to day
Turn another page
Christened in the rain
That turns to rage
Washed of animosity
Naked truth falling black or white
You are turning
To the light
There is nothing I cant be

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Composição: Bobby Blitz Ellsworth / D.D. Verni / Merritt Gant / Rob Cannavino / Sid Falck. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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