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All I Need

Lindsay Pagano

All I need, Is everything you are
Everything you are
Everything you are
Everything you are

Love can be complicated
Too often, mistranslated
One word for all dinamix
Leads to problematic
Emotion and effections
Feel it ends in all directs
Sometimes a simple action
Creates satisfaction

And as long as you are mine
I will take the time, to let u know
What I feel cuz...

All I need, is everything you are
And if you ever fall, ill be here
Standing in the shadow of my heart

Charish his love for chatter
Mind games over matter
Im not looking for siggestions
More answers(with questions)
I speak in hugs and kissing
Cuz true love never misses
I will lead or follow
To be with you tomorrow



Theres nothing you, could ever say, boy
(Theres nothing you could ever do)
To make me wanna walk away
And aslong as you are mine
I will remind (myself)
This love is real...

Ba Ba (a cmon) (Ba Ba) Shubby-Du-Be Ah
Ba Ba (a yeah) (Ba Ba) Shubby-Du-Be Ah

(Chorus)3 times until fade

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